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You can feel better now.

Melt Stress Away

Over the last year or two, more of us have experienced the effects of anxiety than we have, as a society, in a long time. Fortunately, as research continues to show, hypnosis is a powerful and effective treatment to significantly reduce anxiety and its symptoms.

Improve Focus and Flow

As I've discovered with every writer I've worked with, this is the great untapped potential of hypnosis. Whether you're a golfer, basketball player, or a student, hypnosis can help you-- no matter your sport, grade or position-- improve focus, concentration and flow that allows you to significantly improve your performance. Level up your game now.

Become a Non-Smoker

One of the most common uses for hypnosis is to help people quit smoking. It's safe, effective and immediate. If you want to stop smoking there is absolutely no reason to continue. Science and research prove that hypnosis is a great way to quit-- and stay quit. Book now to become a non-smoker.

New Hope for Depression

Depression was "counter-indicated" for hypnosis once upon a time. But recent research has proven that hypnotherapy is safer and more effective than anti-depressants in treating most forms of depression. For some research click here! 

Or click here to end the cycle of depression!

Weight Loss/Weight Gain

You want to lose weight or gain weight?  Hypnosis can be used to help you maintain a healthy body and relationship with food. It can also give a boost to whatever program you're on. When hypnosis meets weight management the results are impressive. Read the science here, then Book a Session here!

Gain Confidence

Confidence, self-assurance, self-esteem-- whatever name you give it-- it's a vital ingredient to personal and professional success. It's not just anecdotal, research continues to prove hypnosis can increase your self confidence... as well as boost the achievements that come with it. Book now to get more out of life.

Conquer Irrational Fears and Phobias

To address the issues of Fears and Phobias is one of the most satisfying a hypnotherapist can do. Working together we remove any irrational fears easily and immediately. Book now to be free from fear!

Put insomnia to bed

A good night's sleep is an important part of our physical and mental health. Insomnia is quickly and effectively treated with hypnosis in both adults and children! Book now for your ticket to great sleep hygiene.

Self hypnosis is what led me to my training as a hypnotherapist. I love it and I love sharing the technique with my clients and other creative people... Here's a link to a video to me teaching someone to hypnotize themselves.

Self Hypnosis

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